Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still watching the weather

Model tracks for Hanna keep moving around, and Josephine's starting to look interesting, so I'm watching the weather carefully. Not because I'm feeling altruistic, but because I have my first real kayak trip planned for next Monday, and if the weather's bad, I won't be able to go.
Last night I took a short kayaking course offered by a local shop (Pirate Queen Paddling, I love them) and got a chance to try out another brand of kayak, and talked to the owner a bit. She recommends a third that she thinks I would love, which of course they are out of stock of. And they're all expensive, but I really think I want one. Need one. I had the best time last night. One of my friends (and church members) took the class too, so I wasn't by myself, not that that should have mattered, but of course it's always nicer to have someone you know there.
I went mostly to try out another sit-on-top kayak, so that I could get a better sense of what features I'd want. I knew Pirate Queen had 2 in their rentals, so my chances were good. I honestly partly hoped that I would not like the second, so my choice would be clear, but instead I have options...including not buying one at all, which I'm trying not to think about.
Gee, I'm not being obsessive at all.
I am anxious to get some news about the damage from Gustav and mobilize our disaster response troops. They've trained hard and only "deployed" for crowd control to assist the local police; while I'd never wish a hurricane or any storm damage on anyone, I'm ready for them to get out and get to work. They're watching the weather, too, wondering if it's "safe" for them to leave, or if they should stick close to home, in case the next storm comes here.

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  1. oh my... so much happening thataway... mother nature just seems to keep stirring the pot, or something like that.

    happy kayaking!


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