Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need to get over this

I'm still so tired, and stressed about this paper, that I can't relax and I can't work (much).
Thursday is my day off, so here are my big plans: work on the paper (would like to write 5-6 more pages, then I'd be half done), go to the hardware store and buy some more plants for the "naked" end of the garden (where the squashes used to be) and plant them--thinking basil and eggplant, and maybe trying peppers again, if I can find any on clearance somewhere, since it's so late--and pick tomatoes, if the bunnies leave me any. Had a couple picked at by birds, too, just for fun. Good thing I've got a ton of them planted. Tomorrow, we're also going to see "The Dark Knight" at a matinee, just for something fun to do.
So in lieu of blogging (again), here are some pictures from the NJ trip, now that I've found the camera cable.

The view of the World Trade Center site--still under (re)construction and almost nothing to be seen. One of the sadder things I've ever seen.

Sign from St. Paul's Chapel, across the street from the WTC site. Their churchyard, including a cemetery dating to colonial days, was filled with debris that took years to clean up--meanwhile, they were housing and feeding emergency workers and offering what support they could. The sanctuary, where people still worship, is a small memorial to those days after the attacks.

Banner inside St. Paul's.

Cot for emergency/response workers at St. Paul's.

Sign over the cot. Love that volunteers made sure that everyone had an afghan and a stuffed animal every night.

Does this Lady need introduction? Taken from the Staten Island ferry while holding the camera over the heads of the (rude) people in front of me.

Just a nifty building. Took lots of pics of the architecture in the city. I'd forgotten how important it is to look up: we'd see a colonial era tavern or a bit of Gothic arch or some art deco brickwork. Can't put 'em all in here, but I do like this one.

Altar in the chapel at Grace UMC in Newburgh, NY, where I preached one Sunday. Well, not in the chapel...but it's such a nifty little space for their more contemporary service.

Well, at least now I feel like I'm a little bit back in the rhythm of blogging. One more little piece of normalcy established.

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