Friday, June 6, 2008

Taking in the View Friday Five

It's Sally's turn at the Friday Five! She writes:
This week I took some time out to stop and walk and take in the view; my son Chris is studying in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, too often we simply drive up there, turn around and come home! This time Tim and I took time out to take in the view. It occurs to me that we need to do that more in life....
With that in mind I offer you this weeks Friday Five:

1. How important is the "big picture" to you, do you need a glimpse of the possibilities or are you a details person?
I'm definitely a details person. I need a glimpse of the big picture for motivation, and to "keep my eye on the prize." I like the smaller projects, the steps along the way.

2. If the big picture is important to you how do you hold onto it in the nitty gritty details of life?
With claw and nail: I don't work well on tasks that I don't understand or see the value of--so I have the keep the big picture in mind!

3. Name a book, poem, psalm, piece of music that transports to to another dimension ( one....what am I thinking....)
The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, Tolkein, George R.R. Martin, and C.S. Lewis (for pure fantasy), the music of U2, Chris Rice, Rich Mullins, and most folk music, I can get lost in Octavio Paz and Robert Frost...

4.Thinking of physical views, is there somewhere that inspires you, somewhere that you breathe more easily?
The ocean, always. I need to see wide open spaces, and have a sense of the enormity and beauty of creation, and the presence of God. Mountains will work, too, and I've never been far enough west to try the desert--one day!

5. A picture opportunity... post one if you can ( or a link to one!)


  1. Totally with you on number three!

  2. aaah water! ack water! details... well heaven's sake it's good to know someone out there is on top of them!

  3. I like Chris Rice too. Peace.


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