Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Horsies! I saw horsies!

This morning, when I was meant to be pastoral, meeting with the family of a gentleman who is dying to talk about the details for his funeral, I had one of those no-I'm-really-not-5 moments.
The house we were in is on the water, and the living room has huge picture windows that look across the cut at the barrier island. This morning, the horses were right across from the house--at least ten of them. That's enough to make it a good morning, but it got even better.
As I was surreptitiously counting horses and trying to pay attention to the grief of the people I was with, I noticed the horse nursery off to one side. Both of the year's foals were off to one side, with a mare watching over them. I finally had to confess what I was doing--my pastoral failure could no longer be hidden--but we then had a good time watching them together.
We also saw a couple of stallions posturing; they weren't really fighting but just sort of (you'll pardon the expression) horsing around.
I only wish I'd had my camera!

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  1. Glad they understood and wanted to watch, too. :-)

    Oh, I posted the hair pic you requested.


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