Sunday, May 11, 2008

Lost weekend

This has been very nearly the least productive weekend ever!
Friday, I left work to run home and pick up something (a Belk's coupon, in the event shopping were to fit into my afternoon plans), and it hit: a migraine. I have nice polite migraines that announce themselves well ahead of time with auras (visual symptoms), numbness in my hand and face, and a new symptom--vomiting (yay--not!). So I had time to get to the Imitrex before the pain hit, but the first dose didn't cut it. I basically slept all Friday evening and into Saturday morning.
Saturday, we had a funeral, and I really wanted to be there, and I felt better, honest. But as I left the church to try to make the visits I missed Friday, the headache which had been lurking all day came back out to play. More drugs, more sleep. I have got all the way through today, so perhaps that will be the end of it. They've come in clusters before, and I'd really prefer to avoid that, but there's just so much Imitrex one can take...and I'm not far off from the max.
Today was okay, though...if it's possible, my head is sore. Nothing like the pain I had before--about a .5 on a scale of 1-10 at the moment. It's ignorable...but I'd still like it to go away.

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  1. oh dear! i hope you can relax today and take time off and away... ministry will wait. there's always going to be more to be done than we get done... so healing, holy rest that's what dr.hotcup recommends.


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