Friday, May 30, 2008

Garage Sale Friday Five

Welcome to your irregularly scheduled Fifth Friday Five, hosted by will smama and Songbird!
Since will smama is preparing for a joint garage sale with her parents, and Songbird's church had a Yard and Plant Sale last Saturday, we have five enormously important questions we hope you will answer:

1) Are you a garage saler?
On occasion. I don't like to get up early enough on Saturday to go, but if I need something expensive and durable, I'll often sacrifice a little snoozin' to check out my options.

2) If so, are you an immediate buyer or a risk taker who comes back later when prices are lower?
I'm an immediate buyer. If it's what I want at a price I want to pay, it's mine. If not, then I have no hesitation at walking away.

3) Seriously, if you're not a garage saler, you are probably not going to want to play this one.
(That wasn't really #3.)
3) This is the real #3: What's the best treasure you've found at a yard or garage sale?
I can't think of anything. I'm not much of a browser, and I'm kinda task oriented when I'm looking at garage sales. Books, though, are always a great find. And on occasion there will be something I've "always wanted" but never enough to purchase. Usually those are the things that go right back into another yard sale or get donated to a thrift store. Turns out I only want some things when I don't have them. Who knew?

4)If you've done one yourself, at church or at home, was it worth the effort?
At church, usually. That's how we got our tv, and people tend to be generous. But it's not worth it at home, I'm I'm a big believer in Freecycle, Craig's List, eBay, and thrift store donations.

5) Can you bring yourself to haggle?
Nope. Don't like to bargain. I may offer one alternative price, but after that, I'm leaving.


  1. I love your #3 -- so true that "I only want some things when I don't have them." Um -- yogurt maker, anyone?

  2. RevAnne, this play makes me think you're a woman who doesn't mess around! Very cool.

  3. I always go straight to the books! Thanks for playing today!

  4. great play! our church garage sale is usually a big success but it is very taxing and time consuming for those who actually put it on.

    i'm with you about freecycle, craig's list, and ebay--way more productive than garage saling.

    ditto to auntie knickers on #3

  5. #3 makes me laugh as I look at the pile of stuff sitting on my porch that fits that description waiting to be garage saled or Goodwilled.

  6. I totally understand not wanting to get up early unless you really need something!

  7. I am so with you on #5 - not a haggler at all. Blessings.


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