Monday, April 14, 2008

Daffodil poetry party

Yep, it's time again. Christine at Abbey of the Arts has posted another poetry party.

Daffodil, daffodil,
silly girl in lace and frills
waiting for Spring's party
Is there no thought in your head?
It cannot be as empty as you seem...

Narcissus they name you,
Tell stories of his great vanity
and hours--days--months--life
wasted staring at his own beauty
and resurrected as a flower

Daffodil, daffodil
little dancing girl clothed with Spring's bright hues
You speak to us not only of fleeting beauty
but of rebirth and new life and of a promise:
For every Winter, there is Spring


  1. Thanks for this most playful contribution Anne, I found myself delighting in your images.

  2. Just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoyed the way you dressed
    your daffodil in frills and lace,
    (organza flower of shy, sweet face.)
    May all your winters have such lovely springs.


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