Friday, March 14, 2008

The things that make it a good day

I was having an okay day.
I'm still really tired--last week was exhausting--and I'm not close to caught up on my school work and I'm preaching Sunday. Even so, today has been okay.
Hung out at the coffee shop and got to talk to some people.
Was first on the Friday's the little things that make my day.
But then a really fun thing happened.
I went to the Spouter Inn for lunch on the deck. The weather's perfect for it, and this time of year, it's not uncommon to see porpoises frolicking (how do you spell that?) on their way up Taylor's Creek. But instead of porpoises, I saw something even better: wild ponies on Carrot Island.
Better than that: I'm positive that what I saw was the foal born last year, and it's mare-mom. They were on the edge of the beach, probably looking for fresh water, and just as pretty as could be. Foals are rare on the island because the state tries to dose all the mares with contraceptives (using dart guns). It's not as cruel as it sounds; their habitat is very small, and can't support much growth. But last year the local paper reported that they had apparently missed one, and a new foal had been born. Great fun to see them.
I only wish I'd had my camera.

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