Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Interstitial Spaces

Thanks again to Christine at Abbey of the Arts for hosting the Poetry Party! This week's Party is special; Christine writes:
This week’s Poetry Party is dedicated to Pam McCauley who is a regular reader of this blog and an active poet and contributor to these Parties. I also had the honor of getting to know her when she participated in our Awakening the Creative Spirit intensive last November. Pam is a beautiful and strong woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is having surgery today and begins a long journey ahead of healing. She told me she feels quite connected to everyone who participates in the Poetry Party and so this feels like a good place to invite others to hold her in prayer.

For Pam

Interstitial Spaces

itchy, sticky sand
ubiquitous sand
in my hair
in my lunch
in my book
in between my toes
nuisance sand

And yet, there's life
tiny holes tell
of tiny animals
breathing trapped air
making a life
in that pesky sand

Making life in the in-between spaces
in the interstices
in the unfavorable
in the nuisance sand

Life lives
in the obvious
in the mystery
in between

Like a Love story
a Grace story
a God story
written in the interstitial spaces
of our hearts
of our minds
of our world

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  1. Thanks Anne for your moving contribution to the Poetry Party. These lines especially spoke to me: "Making life in the in-between spaces / in the interstices" -- that border place seems to be the place of greatest life.


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