Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good thing it's not my week to preach

I have laryngitis.
Ben is amused, except that he can't hear. I've been after him pretty much since the wedding to get his hearing checked, but I think he likes the excuse. Regardless, it's down to charades at our house.
We've been cleaning out...we moved from a fully furnished house to the present entirely unfurnished house, and we accumulated a little too much stuff in our desire to be sure we had enough. So we have sold the freezer, which would have been great to have, had there been power in the garage...something the rental office did not realize, and the homeowner is not interested in fixing (has to do with a strange little remodel that left the garage about 8 feet deep & gave us an odd bonus room off the kitchen). We're also trying to offload a little furniture, and I had a slightly testy email exchange with a woman who was to come today, according to her email Thursday, to pick up some things, and then told me she would be coming next Saturday. I want it gone!
Back to being sick. It freaks Ben out. He can be sick and handle himself pretty well, but if I get sick it's a disaster. I have a cold, at worst a minor sinus infection, and it's not that big a deal. God knows I've done this before. I don't even feel that bad, although I'm pretty sure I've got an ear infection. Since they don't give antibiotics for those much anymore, and the usual bug is resistant to all the inexpensive antibiotics with minimal side effects, I'm not sweating it.
But tomorrow may be fun: a pastor with no voice. And it's a Communion Sunday, so if I'm coughing or sneezing then we'll get someone else to serve and I'll just sit quietly in the corner. Fortunately, the worship team should be almost at full strength tomorrow, so they won't need me, and I let them pick all the music, so it's all pretty familiar stuff.
Just hope I can sleep tonight.


  1. prayers your way for health & healing... hot water with lemon & honey.

    be well soon!

  2. pray your voice is better


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