Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Five Super Bowl edition

Superbowl--love it or hate it?
Yes...both love it and hate it. Let's see, hate first:
1: It's absurdly wasteful of time and money. Commercials cost millions to develop and air, players are grossly overpaid, and people spend vast amounts of money to see the game, eat,and be entertained.
2: Amateur athletes deserve the attention. I have some reservations about professional sports.
3: The Redskins haven't had a chance at a Super Bowl in forever. :)
Love it:
4: I can get all my aggressions out. Watching sporting events, it's safe to yell and holler, and even insult someone...not so the rest of the time for us clergy.
5: Love football snacks: chips and salsa, nachos, cheese puffs, vast quantities of soda, brownies, pizza, hot dogs, chili, etc., etc. ad nauseam (for real)!


  1. Interesting. The only time I ever watched football avidly was when I was in high school! That was a long time ago. I've never gotten into the Super Bowl, but usually my husband doesn't care either. Thanks.

  2. Im a Cowboy fan--'nuff said. Happy Ground Hog Day!

  3. Sigh... I had to start Weight Watchers five days before the Superbowl. So it will be baked chips with salsa, and no-pudge brownies (which are delicious), and diet soda... :-)

    Great play!

  4. Love those football snacks. They don't love me.

  5. my father used to say that pro football was run by the mob... *hee hee* but maybe he was onto something...

    even so i'll watch. i'll whip up some meatballs and some appetizers and it'll be good. oh so good...

    except the grown women who still want to be cheerleaders... *groan*

  6. I like the snacks, too. However, we don't do superbowl anymore, so I don't get to eat the snacks:(


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