Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

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Yep, it's another funny critter picture. But really, how was I supposed to resist this? It's time to think about New Year's resolutions. Past time, actually, but I don't believe in stressing myself out ahead of time. Here are some resolutions I've set for myself in the coming year:
1. Try to set reasonable goals.
2. Do the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five each week (with time off for holidays, of course), and keep up with the Poetry Party at Abbey of the Arts. Blog, and do outside writing as well. Try to sell another magazine article.
3. Don't take the computer home every day. Some time spent without the computer is good for me. Some time spent without the computer is good for me. Some time spent without the computer is good for me...Oh, sorry. Trying to convince myself.
4. Keep up with my coursework. Today is the first day of my 2nd DMin class, and I've managed to read the prerequisite book...but there are 4 more to read by the end of the month.
5. Take better care of me: keep up with meds, eat right, exercise (the WonderMutt's getting a little pudgy, too), get plenty of sleep and be intentional about getting downtime. Don't forget spiritual stuff, too.
6. Seek out community and friendship wherever I can find it: with my classmates, my Bible study group, my clergywomen's group, etc. Especially look for new ways to meet people who are not connected to the church.
7. Take a good vacation. Next week's trip to AL to clean out the mother-in-law's house does not count.

Okay, I'm already tired. That seems like more than enough for now.

Goals. I have them.

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  1. In our household, we firmly adhere to the maxim, "If your dog is fat, then you need more exercise." Glad you're noticing early! ;-)


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