Monday, December 10, 2007

Poetry Party: It's been a while!

Christine at Abbey of the Arts has posted a new Invitation to Poetry, so here goes!

Royal and regal
Grandmother ruled the house,
my mother's mother.
She ruled the family, and the church,
iron fist in velvet glove,
and heart of pure gold.
Her love was fierce
and sometimes frightening.
And yet, I miss her.

My father's mother is with us still,
In body but not in mind.
She was the indulgent one,
the tender one,
the easy one.
Now I do not know her.
I have missed her for years.

Mother, aunt, sister, friends,
I treasure you now
with gold and purple memories,
special days and laughter,
kind words and comfort.
Too soon I will miss you too...
and keep alive your memory
Gold and purple for the royalty you are,
for the place you hold in my heart.


  1. Anne, this is so lovely, I love that you told a story about ancestors and relations and I also love the image of gold and purple for royalty, I hadn't thought of that when I created it, but it gives me another layer to consider!


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