Monday, October 8, 2007

Hope is a thing with feathers poetry party

It's time for another Invitation to Poetry from Christine at Abbey of the Arts.

Here's the image:

Hope, they say, is a thing with feathers
a joyous leap in flight
powerful wingbeats that find purchase in thin air

Hope, I've heard, is an elusive dream
too slippery to count on
teasing, taunting, rarified, surreal

Hope, I say, is the earnest expectation
that the God who works the everyday miracles
of birds in flight
can work them in us, too

Hope, God tells us, is believing
that grace abounds
that mercy flows
that birds fly
and so can we.


  1. I also left a poem on Christine's blog this week, but I just wanted to say how much yours touched me. I am copying it and keeping it and maybe sharing it. I love how these images bring out these gems of the heart. Thank you.

  2. Thanks, Pam. I'll go look for yours as well.


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