Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A greeting and a small regret

Thanks to all the folks who have stopped by from RevGalBlogPals! I enjoy blogging for its own sake, but it's still nice to know someone's readng it from time to time, and thanks for the affirming words.
By way of regretting, I wish I were having a better week. Seeing so many drop by this little place of mine sort of feels like having company, and I'm not feeling terribly hospitable. I spent Sunday and Monday with my father and stepmother, who is failing fast...clearly hypoxic, gray around the mouth, barely able to tell us when she wants something, and rarely able to swallow medicine. The hospice nurse said this weekend that she'd be surprised if Bobbi made it through the week, and frankly death will come as a welcome guest at the end of her illness.
There have been occasional grace-notes; I heard her say, "I love you" to my father, and she was able to recognize her (favorite) grandson and have a little time with him. But the general trend is down, and it seems to be accelerating. It's so hard to watch my father; the gift of not being lucid seems to be that Bobbi's not often aware of how sick she is, and so doesn't seem to be suffering too badly--but Dad's another matter. He's tired, and he's nearly sick with worry and grief, and so desperately living for the precious moments when she's able to communicate a little more clearly.
And to complicate things for me, I'm pretty sure Bobbi's not a Christian, and I know Dad isn't. That grieves me for them both, because while I believe that in God's infinite grace, there can be peace and rest for Bobbi, I don't believe that Dad thinks any such thing. And now is not the time for me to make an issue of it...but I hate that I at least have a sense of peace and grace and God's love that Dad doesn't. Right now I'm counting on God's prevenient grace reaching out to Dad with love and comfort, even if he isn't aware of it. And counting on God to give me the words to say to Dad, as I try to support him in all this.
So anyway, thanks for visiting, and come back soon...


  1. I stubled onto your blog and was saddened to hear of your stepmother's illness. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. I hope that peace, grace, and love surround you all.

  2. Welcome to Revgals. I'm sorry to hear about your stepmother. Don't worry about what people believe. It will all work out.


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