Thursday, September 27, 2007

Caught up in a whirlwind

It's been one of those weeks again, with meeting after meeting, and events that don't go quite as planned, and I'm glad it's Thursday, and I can have a little time to myself.
Not to say I didn't work today, unfortunately. I went into the office, innocently planning to pick up my computer power cord (I squandered my nice full battery on games last night) and I found that the network was being worked on, and they needed my laptop to make sure everything was done correctly.
So off I go home to get the computer, and when I get back it takes a little while, and then I checked email. As I was on my way out, we got a call in the office that there had been a death. It was not unexpected, and it was not a member but one with much family at our church, and so there were calls to make and condolences to offer. I am not, however, attending tonight's Nominations Committee meeting.
Had an entertaining time at the local See You at the Pole event; it's always fun to observe the kids in that setting. You can see who's got some real confidence, who is nervous, and especially which adults can't stand a little silence. For an event meant to be youth driven, the majority of the people who offered prayer were adults, and more often than not, they were drowning out the prayer of a student. That drives me nuts!

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