Saturday, August 11, 2007


It's like pulling teeth tonight. I know what I mean to say, I believe it's the right thing to say, but putting words to paper is coming very slowly.
It's been a chaotic day...maybe that's what's behind my malaise. Heck, it's been a chaotic month, and the next week's calendar looks to be the busiest yet. At least I won't be writing a full length sermon next week, one of the advantages of the evening service.
Stressed by the new eating plan (refuse to call it a diet, at this point). Today I really want something sweet, and apart from an apple, I'm just not going to get it. If I liked sweet potatoes, or cooked carrots, I could eat them. But I don't. Never have.
I want chocolate. Maybe I'm in withdrawal. Monday night's the last time I had any chocolate. That can't be healthy--almost a whole week's gone by.
My chocolate level must be dangerously low. Oh, this is not good.

Hey, at least it's something to blame my laziness on!

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