Friday, July 6, 2007

July 6 Friday 5

An oldie but a goodie, I'm told...

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing
Clothes. Just what kind of phone call is this, anyway? ;)

2. Reading
Many wonderful things: Group Magazine from January, Craig Kimball's The Emerging Church, and a novel on Merlin that I picked up at a yard sale. And Relevant Magazine online. And email.

3. Eating
Nothing at the moment, but had a very ill-advised meal at Taco Bell earlier. There's some truly great chocolate waiting for my afternoon pick-me-up and fresh Silver Queen corn for supper. Ben said something about steaks, but who cares...Silver Queen's better!

4. Doing
Blogging when I should be working. Compiling a reading list from the retreat I went on in May, contemplating Sunday night's sermon on Ephesians 1, and thinking about coffee.

5. Pondering
My "lesson" for a Sunday School class next week. I'm thinking of either a lesson on United Methodism's strengths, or on doctrine as an invitational gift rather than a club for beating folks over the head with.
Also thinking about the dear lady I visited in the hospital today. After I prayed for her, she prayed a lovely prayer for me. That happens so rarely that it was really a wonderful gift.


  1. LOVED the first answer :)

    blessings and love

  2. love the thought of doctrine as an invitational gift- great play!!!

  3. Isn't it astonishing when others pray for us? When people thank me, I always behave as if I were doing the most ordinary thing, but when you are on the receiving end it can be extraordinary.

  4. Me too! Made me LOL.

    And ooh, Silver Queen corn. My Bigdaddy used to grow it. A meal in itself.


  5. I'm glad I discovered your blog today!

    Good play!


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