Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Four years ago, when I moved to Zion, the church's annual 4th of July celebration (which was also a community thing) was held on the day before my birthday (that would be Saturday, if anyone's paying attention). I told them it was so kind of them to have that party for me. Of course, the next year, Bo broke my toe...but it was all in good fun. Let's just say that me & inflatable waterslides don't mix, and when you add in a Bo who wants to tackle said waterslide while I'm trying to reach the top, it goes badly.
This is a difficult holiday for me. I want to be patriotic but not nationalistic, and I have my generation's sense that my loyalty is not to a flag or a government, but to an ideal...and one I'm not so sure we live up to all that well. But we do try, and we get credit for that.

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