Sunday, June 3, 2007


What a day! Great sermon, brilliant and insightful and biblically sound on the issue of how the church deals with homosexuality and sexual sin. Many people told me how much it meant to them on their way out of the church (back door folk who are faithful to their regular exit) but the crowd was slim at my door...hope that means they were trying to get to Eric to tell him how much they appreciated it. Also some folks who were angry or disagreed strongly, but I hope they will read the manuscript once it's posted, and give it another chance. Listening to some of that feedback, I suspect that their minds may have been made up a little too early due to the strong feelings so many have on the issue...but a close reading will I think clarify a lot of the dissent.
On to the not so great: it's not the heat, it's the humidity. No air conditioning and a tropical rainstorm and temps in the 80s. It's hot in my house, sticky even more so than hot, and if my hair has been dry for more than a few minutes today I don't know it. And now I have to change my plans for Wednesday (going to see Jamie the exceptional one) so that I can "supervise" the replacement of the AC unit...not that I'll know what's going on but someone has to be here to make sure it works and the cat's not locked in an unairconditioned house. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but Boo would make us pay.
I also talked to someone tonight who just really needs prayer. This person's dealing with stuff I can't help with, and the mantra, "refer, refer, refer," is not very satisfying. I know I can't help everyone, and I know that counseling is not my best thing (pretty high on the "worst" list, actually), but it's tempting to feel like if I could just live someone else's life for a while, I could make it better. Crap. I can barely handle my own life, there's no way I could live anyone else's. And I don't really want to...but saying, "you need to talk to someone" just feels like a cop-out. And that's really the best I have to offer...prayer and a referral.
I'm tired. And hot. And sticky. And cranky. It's been a cranky and sort of whiny week.
Never thought I'd look forward to a Monday...but, Scarlett, tomorrow is another day. Hope it's better than this one.

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