Friday, June 22, 2007

Slow week

I'm out of town again, this time for my cousin's wedding. Jamie the beauteous is the flower girl, and we're all curious to see how that works out. She did not sleep well last night, so it remains to be seen how she'll do tonight.
I helped with the rehearsal last night because the officiant was unable to be there (long story). The wedding coordinator was deeply annoying, mostly because I think that they should always defer to the officiant, and she didn't. But I hung around with the groom, who I'd not met before, and the other guys, and it was all right.
Tonight's Jeanne's big night. It will be beautiful; they've chosen to have it in a lovely place, but the ceremony proper feels a bit discordant to me because it's not at all a Christian ceremony, which is what I'm the most familiar with. I'm the designated Jamie wrangler, to the extent that she needs one, so that will be fun for me no matter what.

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