Monday, June 4, 2007

A few words about grace

Here's grace in my life today (and this is not an exhastive list, by any means):

The nice lady at the rental office offered to check on Ben's cat while we're gone to see family this week, to make sure the new AC unit is working properly.

The nice lady at the AC repair company said that the new unit will be installed tomorrow...a day ahead of schedule.

I visited someone who'd been in the hospital for days before I found out, and her response was simply, "I'm so glad to see you!"

Eric offered to preach for me Sunday night, so I wouldn't have worry about it while I'm with my family.

Ben offered to do chores so that I could work on an magazine article I'm writing.

The director of the D. Min. program at Drew called me today to see if he could answer any questions and help me decide if his program is the right one for me.

It may have been hot today, but at least it's maybe we'll sleep okay this last night without air conditioning.

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