Friday, May 18, 2007

What I do when I'm not writing

What I do when I'm online and not writing or reading news posts and looking at whatever eBay item I HAVE TO HAVE, is play games online. I don't play anything too hard or technical. I've learned to really enjoy matching games (Bejeweled! for example), puzzle games (Cubis and Tetris variants), and the match-3 shooting games (Luxor and Tumblebugs) but I have become obsessed this week with Peggle Deluxe, a sort of computer-based variation on pachinko. I of course tend not to want to buy these, and so I download free trials...and now I'm hooked on a particularly twisted shooting game called Scrubbles as well as Peggle, and my trials are up and I'm starting to hunt for a bargain so that I can buy the full versions. This behavior needs to stop!
Tonight is the Carteret County Relay for Life, so at least I'll get some exercise supporting that. If you haven't donated, please follow the link to the right.
Thank you to the wonderful folks who already have.

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