Monday, May 14, 2007

Chimes Article May 14

Ponderous Thoughts

“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away.” --unknown

I have a friend who collects little porcelain figurines called “Precious Moments”. Now, just between you and me, I don’t see the attraction, but Kim loves her collection. She has a large china cabinet that’s filled with them, she belongs to a special club that gives her access to limited edition figures, and she loves looking for new ones to commemorate special events in her life and that of her family.
I don’t store my precious moments in a china cabinet, but I do file them away in my mind (if you can call it filing…my mind may be as disordered as my office! But I do know where stuff is). We all have a mental storehouse of those moments that have taken our breath way—right on top, I keep the memory of the first time I saw my niece, Jamie, and the day Ben and I were on the Blue Ridge Parkway and saw a thick fog on one side of the mountains, then as we rode through the next switchback, clear and sunny skies on the other. The day in Arlington National Cemetery when my uncle was interred there is also near the top, as is my wedding, when Ben and I served communion to all our guests.
For me, these “take my breath away” moments remind me of the goodness and power of God, or the wonders of creation and the gift of love God gives us in each other. It’s interesting to me that the word for “spirit” in the Bible is the same as the word for breath…these moments that are breathtaking to us are encounters with the life-giving breath of God. I hope you have many moments filed away that have taken your breath away, and that in each of them you find God, sharing his presence and spirit with you.


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