Friday, April 27, 2007

It's appointment time

It is that delightful time of year when Methodist clergy anxiously listen for news of who is moving where and shamelessly gossiping about what we know. One of the real gifts of our Discipline is the assurance of an appointment. One of the curses is that we move on a more or less regular basis (actually, it's a curse to me now because I'm very happy where I am and have no interest at all in moving...I've known a time when I couldn't wait for the news).
Anyway, so here we are. Usually by the first of May we've heard about a lot of the new appointments, but this year is different. Most years we've heard by now about the larger churches, but not this year. Many of those seem to be up in the air, or kept unusually close to the vest. And the smaller churches are no clearer.
I am sure that all will become clear in the reading of the appointments at Annual Conference. I'm spoiled, I suppose, and want all my news early. But now that I feel a little confused about the appointments, I feel a little anxiety about my own. If we can't be sure what's going to happen until the middle of June, then can I be sure?
Now, I am aware that I am overreacting and hypersensitive. I guess this year I don't understand the process, and that makes me less sure of myself. But I do know this: I don't want to move, my senior pastor doesn't want me to move, and my congregation doesn't want me to move. That's something to have some confidence in.

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