Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The best laid plans of mice and (wo)men

Here I was all excited about going back to work and catching up and how exciting Holy Week can be, and Easter's on Sunday, and it happened.
Sunday night during practice with the worship team, I was alternately slouching in a folding chair and hunching over the computer to update the powerpoint. Everything was going fine; they were looking at new music, and everything seemed to be going well. Then I got up.
My back seized up. Now I have had trouble with muscle spasms in my back before--I came back from the ski trip with back pain. And I knew not to be so lazy about my posture in that chair. But this has been the mother of all back spasms. I left the fellowship hall and went back to my office, intending to sit a few minutes, maybe get Ben to bring me some drugs, and get myself together to handle the rest of my evening.
Instead, after 30 minutes of not being able to reach Ben, I called a neighbor and asked for a ride home, because it was clear the pain would not just go away. I laid down on the couch and kept trying to call Ben, and he says (although I don't remember it) I was crying on the phone from the pain. He got home about the time I realized that I couldn't get off the couch by myself, and we went to the emergency room.
So here it is Tuesday night, and I haven't been back in my office yet. I am better this evening; I got up and walked a little by myself (with Ben as my faithful shadow, of course, but without the clutching at his arm). I have high hopes that I might be able to shower tomorrow, but that's about my only goal.
So I'm getting further and further behind, but the church has been wonderful: there was a prayer shawl on my doorstep this afternoon, our neighbors down the road brought over chicken salad and muffins and homemade soup, and we've had several phone calls.
This is my theodicy question of the day: I understand why bad things happen in the world, to people who are good, bad, and indifferent. But why do they all have to happen at once? At least I've got good friends, a great senior pastor, and Ben to look after me--and that's the gift that makes it all bearable.

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