Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Will I ever get to sleep in my own bed again?

Well, I'm tired!
I've been traveling more than not in the last week.
Monday last week I went to Durham to be with someone having a treatment on Tuesday.
Tuesday I picked Tonya up in the evening and we played for and sightseeing and talking. We had a great time. I'll post more pictures soon.
Then (while we were roaming through from Manteo to Hatteras and Ocracoke), Ben's mom became progressively more ill. On Saturday she almost died when her blood pressure dropped to 60/20 or so. So, Sunday after church we hit the road, and stopped overnight in Asheville, and now here we are in Nashville, TN.
Pity I don't like country music, huh?
We'll stay here for a few days until Ben's had a good visit with his mom and we feel like she's stable again. We don't really know what's wrong, but we think it's maybe a problem with her meds, so the docs are working on that. She's too weak to come home, but she's got an apartment waiting for her in an independent living facility here in TN.
Ben just called and said that she's got a bed waiting for her in a really excellent rehab place here in Nashville; they are just waiting on confirmation from her physician that he wants her to go today. That's terrific news! Hopefully she will regain her strength, and they'll continue to work out her meds, and she'll be able to go to her little apartment, at least for a while.
This getting older is tough stuff. Seems like the crises are getting closer and closer...first the stroke, then the broken hip, and now this. It's sad, and sad to think that Ben's mom may not be around for too much longer. Those who've heard me speak of her will know that I find her difficult to deal with, but Ben loves her, and I do, although I rarely admit it, and no one wants to see her suffer.
In other news, there really is none. As of today, I've been out of the office for a week and a half, and won't be back in until Friday evening, when I have a wedding rehearsal. I miss it, a lot, and will be glad to try to get back into some kind of meaningful routine, instead of all this craziness.
I am, though, starting another blog. This one will be about books, with Ben's niece Jessica. I'll post the address here as soon as we come up with a name.

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  1. let me know if you'd like to have some coffee with some nashville blogger buddys. or a little tour of town.


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