Monday, March 19, 2007

Oh, it's time...

This week will be my first "message" for the Sunday evening service, and I'm starting to get pretty excited. I've chosen the Parable of the Prodigals as my text and "more than we deserve" as my title, so that may give you some idea of where I'm going. I feel different pressure than for Sunday morning sermons. I've been preaching sermons in traditional worship for years, but this service is different. It's got great energy, and it already feels a bit like a community. We're starting to see more and more "guests"--folks whose faces aren't familiar from Sunday morning--and that excites me all to pieces.
And in other news, I'm picking up my best friend ever tomorrow, for a quick visit. Yes, folks, Tonya's in the states, which pleases me immensely. We'll see how well I keep up with blogging; it won't surprise me if I don't even touch the computer until Saturday night. Of course, it won't surprise me if I blog every night, either. We're going to play, something I need desperately and enjoy tremendously. So far the extent of my plan is to take the Cedar Island ferry, and then see where the road takes us. I have to let her go Saturday, which will be sad, but then we can start planning for my trip to Europe this fall.

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