Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not the best basketball season ever

I'm in mourning. The Blue Devils lost tonight.
Now, it's not deep mourning. To begin with, it's only a game. I realize that's a risky sentiment in eastern NC, but that's the truth. It's only entertainment, and despite attempts to connect deep truth to basketball, it just doesn't seem to have any real eternal significance.
I know. Blasphemy. Don't shoot me.
Frankly, the team that played tonight deserved to lose. They were outmatched by VCU. Last week they were outplayed by NC State, who deserved to win. Even so, it was physically painful to see it. The Devils fell apart in the second half, rallied, but just couldn't close the deal. As the announcer said, they haven't lost a first round game in what, the last two centuries?
But there's a time for everything, according to Ecclesiastes...a time to win, and a time to lose. This must be Duke's time (although that's anathema to the Arminian in me). To make a rational connection to all this, the Blue Devils are closer to an ordinary team this year. They can't all be great years, and God knows we've had more than our fair share. So this one's only okay...we won more than we lost, and there's always next year.
There's so much more important to focus on...I'm almost relieved it's over. For all the other fans out there (including my Tonya, who will be here next week), have fun. It is entertaining, and I don't begrudge you your fun, even though mine's done. But while we're dragging out our licensed collegiate logos and eating snacks while watching way too many hours of tournament play, let's not forget that there's more out there that really we live, and love, and worship, and treat one another. Just give it a thought, maybe during the commercials, okay?

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  1. know the pain. my crimson tide didn't show up for the year 2007.. they did okay before that.. glad it's over.. i hope your duke team doesn't mess up my brackets. &:~)


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