Friday, March 30, 2007

Home again, home again

Well, here we are, back home again.
Ben's mother's spirits seemed high when we talked to her yesterday, and his brother said the same thing last night. She's got an ambitious rehab schedule, but she's anxious to get to her new home, which will be in an independent living apartment.
It's pretty nice; Ben says he would live there.
The drive was fine, if long. We made terrific time yesterday and stopped in Winston-Salem, which is only 5 hours from home. The only bit of the trip that wasn't great was briefly on the east side of Asheville there was some pretty serious fog in the mountainy bits...glad we got through that before it got bad. And the temperature changed 30 degrees in the hour it took us to get from TN past Asheville, but it had been warm in TN.
So now I'm home. There's a wedding this weekend, and a very busy Sunday, what with the Easter Egg Hunt, and the cantata, and I'm preaching Sunday night and Tuesday at lunch. Back to my routine...which I have really missed!

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