Thursday, January 4, 2007

Look what I did!

Okay, so I've just been to a conference with a workshop on the internet and ministry. My first thought was: hey, cool! And I have to admit I'm sold on blogging...after all, what pastor doesn't live for a place to tell other people what they think? I've always wanted to journal and rarely been consistent with it, but I'm committed to least for the next 30 days.
I've had some second thoughts as well. Will I really keep it up? Will anyone ever read what I write? How much do I care about that? But hey, it's 30 days...and maybe in 30 days I'll try it for 30 more.
It's interesting how vulnerable this feels. So far I haven't shared any confidences, really shared much of anything at all...but the potential's there. I have "put myself out there", to abuse a cliche, and put myself at the mercy of the great and powerful blogosphere. It's like going to a new school: will anyone talk to me? Will they like me? Will they be mean? I don't have to be popular but do I have anything to offer that anyone cares about?
So here it is...I plan to post pretty much daily about my life, my work, my family, and my life with God. I hope by sharing where I am, I can figure out a little more about where I'm going...the blog as discernment tool. Hey, I just figured that out, right now, as I was typing. Maybe this will be a good thing after all.

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  1. welcome to the blogosphere! look forward to the next 29 days and on.



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