Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Is it ever Tuesday!

I did think, silly me, that working Mondays would make Tuesdays a little easier. And they are, in the sense that I'm at least better prepared for Tuesday's meetings. Tuesday's still an awfully long day.
I missed the Knit & Pray group today. It seems like they are always the first to go. They get along so well without me! I don't knit, but I do crochet, and it seems like that hour is the only one I get in the week to do a little "hand-work."
Crocheting was something I did with my father's mother. We called her "Gaga," which I consider to be the fault of my oldest cousin--she started it, and all the rest of us kids just fell in line. Gaga liked to keep busy; I think she was afraid of what might happen if she slowed down and wound up with too much time to think. When I was a child, she taught my sister to knit and me to crochet. I don't think my sister cared much for it but I've always loved it. I'll go months, even years without picking anything up and then decide I've got to have something to keep my hands busy.
Today's Bible study was pretty entertaining...maybe I'll get around to telling about it next.

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